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The Sanquhar Sampler Blanket
Designed by Mrs Alison Thomson from Sanquhar
£ 73.50 (£61.25)

Kit includes yarn and instruction only.
Yarn:  Shetland natural yarn 100%
Shade: Brown and beige
Brown and beige (as the upper photo)

Grey and Beige

Shetland black and white

A Hat with Swedish Traditional Patterns
Designed by KAZEKOBO, Yoko Hatta
£ 57.60 (£48.00)

Kit includes yarn and instruction only.
Yarn:  NV yarn made in JAPAN
DK wool 100%
Mohair Kid mohair 66%, Nylon 22%, Wool 12%

Wrist warmer with Duke pattern
Yarn: Sanquhar 3 ply
£ 13.40 (£11.00)
Kit includes yarn and instruction only.
(needle : 2.75mm or 2.70mm)

Please click here to see these the colourway of these wrist warmer.

Red ahd white
Blue and White
Navy and White
Black and white
Red and Black
Blue and black
Navy and blue


Scarf - snow white
£44.88 (£37.40)
Yarn : Jamieson and Smith

Scarf - Dot 68

£57.60 (£48.00)
Yarn : Jamieson's Spindirft

sold out

Shetland Heritage yarn Scarf
£57.48 (£47.90)

Tammy - SAKURA
out of stock

Sakaba Vest
£ 72.00 (£60.00)

£ 78.00 (£65.00)

Ichikawa Vest
out of stock

Wilma Vest
out of stock

Sanquhar sampler Scarf kit
with Merino Blend(king Cole)
£ 31.20 (£26.00)